The search for a new pastor may seem daunting, but the process can be joyful — a time to refocus, refresh, and reconnect with God’s vision for your congregation.  Oklahoma Ministries is committed to helping you by providing guidance, resources, and prayer.  Below are some resources to help guide you through the process.

Pastoral Search Resources:
 Steps Used in the Process for Finding a Senior Pastor:
  1. Notify Oklahoma Ministries of the Church of God of the need for a pastor. Estella Milner (405-749-6774, is the contact person.
  2. Establish a Pulpit Committee following the guidelines of the congregation’s by-laws and/or policies. If none exist the committee of no fewer than 3 and no more than 7 persons shall be appointed by the leadership of the congregation (i.e. Church Council, Elders, Board of Trustees).
  3. Clarify the assignment responsibilities with persons selected.
  4. Ratification of Pulpit Committee by the congregation.
  5. Pulpit Committee meets and organizes; selection of Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary.
  6. Develop a prayer ministry for committee and candidate.
  7. Contact the church service team chair and they will be happy to assist you with this process.
  8. Arrange for interim and pulpit supply. Beverly Morgan can provide a list of potential interims or pulpit supply. Seek to have an interim in place within 8 to 10 weeks.
  9. Assess needs of congregation. Oklahoma Ministries of the Church of God can assist you.
  10. Pulpit Committee develops Job Description from the congregational assessments, balancing what the congregation wants with what she needs.
  11. With input from the Trustees or Governing Board create a financial package to propose. Be flexible so it can be worked out with the new Pastor.
  12. Sources for potential Candidates:
    1. Decide how you will advertise your search. Church of God Ministries ( can list the church in a private online site available only to seeking, credentialed Church of God ministers.
    2. Resumes may come from the congregation, Oklahoma Ministries of the Church of God, pastors that you seek out AND
    3. Unsolicited resumes.
  13. Develop criteria for evaluating resumes established from the job description and assessment of the congregation.
  14. Evaluate resumes, matching the needs of the congregation with the gifts and strengths of potential candidates. Oklahoma Ministries has assessment tools to help you in this process.
  15. Select the THREE TO FIVE strongest candidates for initial interview. (Are they still looking/interested in your congregation?) All candidates that you contact ought to be kept abreast of their status with you.
  16. Check ALL references. Have Beverly Morgan check on their standing in ministry and credentials.
  17. Actual interviews.
  18. Pulpit Committee comes to an agreement on a person to present to the Governing Board.
  19. Perform a Criminal Background and Credit report. Oklahoma Ministries can assist you.
  20. Prepare material on candidate. Submit candidate’s name to Governing Board for approval.
  21. Send name and biographical information to the congregation.
  22. Arrange for Candidating Weekend.
  23. Schedule Congregational Business Meeting to vote on the candidate. Unless by-laws prohibit, this is best done the Sunday of the Candidating Weekend.
  24. Inform candidate and congregation of the vote.
  25. Plan and execute Installation of new pastor.